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AUDIO: Hanson Baliruno threatens to end Nankya Jommie’s life

In n audio, singer Hanson Baliruno has threatened to end Urban Television presenter Jommie Nankya’s life.

This was revealed in a certain audio making rounds on social media which seems to have been leaked by unknown person.

According to the audio, Hanson is accusing Jommie for abusing him in her daily show of which Jommie denied saying he should bring an audio or video when she is abusing him.

Angry Hanson said he is going to sell of his plot of land and get some money to use to end Jommie’s life or else he pours acid on her face so that she doesn’t work again.

“I am going to end your life why did you abuse me on air and what did I do for you to abuse me. Tell me where you stay I want to sell off my plot of land so to get money of working on you or else I pour acid on your face so that you also don’t work.” Hanson said.

Jommie Nankya said he has never abused Hanson the only word she remembers talking about him is saying she doesn’t love his music.

Here is the audio

Hanson Baliruno is one of the artists who have been very humble in the industry and has never abused or attacked anyone.

Written by Aine Siggy

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