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Eddie Sendi reveals reasons why artists are continuously falling out with journalists

Entertainment analyst and media personality Eddie Sendi has revealed reasons why Ugandan artists have continuously fallen out with journalists.

He said all this during an interview with NBS Television.

This came after different occasions happening in the one month as artists attack journalists and one of the artist decided to take matters to the next kevel going to court.

According to Eddie Sendi, this is not the first time artists falling out with journalists but the only difference is that this time it has gone on the next level and it needs to be solved soon.

Eddie Sendi said the reasons for this continuously chicken fights are many but the main one is because artists are son ignorant and don’t have a communication team in their careers.

“The fights and falling out of artists and journalists has happened for some time but for this time it has become too much. The reasons for this are very many but the main ones are that artists are very ignorant and on top of that they don’t have a communication team in their career. If this is not solved expect more drama.” Eddie Sendi said.

Out spoken Sendi said this is not only on the part of artists but also journalists need to know their work and continue to be professional.

It should be noted that in a period of one month we have seen artists like Hanson Baliruno and OS Suna attack journalists and for Suna he went ahead to take matters to court.

Written by Aine Siggy

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