A pass dreaming of snatching Flavia

According to the ongoing rumors, Flavia Tumusiime’s marriage with NTV Pressbox presenter Andrew Kabuura looks like one standing on a dry branch.

This was after WhatsApp chats allegedly belonging to Kabuura and a one Mercy Twinomujuni leaked.

The pair allegedly has been having an affair for quite some time and were seen in the conversations praising each other’s sweetness.

And this is where A pass came into the picture running riot on his Twitter page.

The Dididada singer although indirectly tweeted a number of tweets showing that his ready to make his long term dream come true.

In one of the tweets he said that “patience pays” as if meaning that finally his chance had showed up on the door.

He also said that he has an album titled Bedroom terrorist which will be released soon since it’s 80% done.

Bagonza also said that he’s very focussed on learning all the details concerning the seemingly embattled couple.

Apass concluded his random tweets that a shoulder to cry on could end up in the sheets.

It should be noted that the singer tried to vibe Flavia a few years ago but was rejected flat.

He also released a number of songs for Flavia but never got a chance.

Written by Aine Siggy

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