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Rita Kagwa insists the house OS Suna brags about isn’t his

Social media blogger Rita Kagwa has insisted that the house OS Suna brags about isn’t his.

She said all this during an interview with Urban television.

This came after OS Suna dragged next media to court for talking ill things about him with the house issues inclusive.

However according to Rita Kagwa, OS Suna shouldn’t complain about anything because she knows the owner of the property he is bragging about.

“Ssuuna isn’t the owner of the house and trees, I know the owner of the house , it’s for a woman married to a Zungu man, I have all the photos of the house, when did Suuna work?he hasn’t been singing for over a decade, he has been spending all his time dating women, he’s a man who changes religions because of a woman, that house belongs to a woman married to a Zungu man , only that the man is sick so the woman is planning her life with Suuna, I don’t care whether he sues me but he should stop lying”

It should be noted that OS Suna threatened to arrest anyone who will speak about him without his permission.

Written by Aine Siggy

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