Judith Heard advises Sheebah to leave issues of married couples alone

As social media users and the entire country woke up to shocking news of the allegations of NTV sports journalist cheating on his wife Flavia Tumusiime, every one decided to give their opinions.

These included superstar Sheebah Karungi who posted a long post sympathizing with Flavia.

Sheebah criticized all those who were trying to vilify Flavia yet the culprit of all the mess Kabuura is not talked about.

She also advised Flavia not to give in to the negative vibes because she’s an independent and successful woman who has worked her way to the top.

The post was however met with wide spread criticism of the Nakyuka singer.

Her followers advised her to leave issues of married couples alone since she doesn’t understand anything about relationships.

These included socialite Judith Heard who advised Sheebah that before she gets married, she can’t understand how relationships work.

Judith Heard who was married to husband Richard Heard for 11 years before divorcing and share 3 kids said that infidelity does not have people to which it befalls but rather everyone.

“Darling, if you get married you will understand that this doesn’t only happen to hard-working or brilliant people, it happens every day and to any human being but it’s how we handle the matter that’s important,” Judith Heard posted.

Maybe it’s high time Sheebah gets a man for herself because this seems like a loose end for her.

People always use it to criticize her and trash her submissions about relationships.

Written by Aine Siggy

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