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Minister of Education and Sports speaks on re-opening schools

Minister of Education and Sports Hon Janet Kataaha Museveni has spoken on re-opening of school.

This came following the closure if all education institutions for now almost two years due to covid19 pandemic..

Through a document released, Janet Kataaha Museveni has revealed how she has put in much time to think and plan for opening schools as she knows young Ugandans need Education.

According to Janet Museveni, the one reason to why Government has chosen to let schools remain closed is to ensure children’s lives remain safe from the danger Covid19 brings to human life and family.

“In past weeks and even months I have seen many of you , my friends and children asking why we don’t open schools. Therefore today I thought that perhaps it is time we discussed this subject instead of keeping quiet about it.” The statement read.

“However, when you think about this whole time of lockdown and especially school closures, has it occurred to you that the only reason government has chosen to let schools remain closed could be simply to ensure that the lives of children remain safe from the danger that covid19 pandemic brings to human life or to the family.”

First lady and minster of sports and education requested Ugandans to have trust in government because it cares and closing schools is not a punishment but rather to protect children from harm

Janet called on children above 18 years of age and the vulnerable groups to go for vaccination as they pray to God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bless the education sector in this unprecedented season.

Written by Aine Siggy

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