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Eddie Sendi threatens to beat up Halima Namakula

Media personality Eddy Sendi has threatened to beat up singer Halima Namakula.

He made this statement during his daily show on Dembe FM.

This came few days after Eddie Sendi said that Singer Halima Namakula’s songs are not good and she was just lucky to stay in the music industry for long.

This seems to have annoyed Halima as she was quick to reply him saying she doesn’t know Sendi but she thinks he’s a short man and short people are always talking so that they can be seen.

Sending came out and said if Halima Namakula abuses him again, he will beat her and abuse her.

“Make another interview while abusing me you will see , I forgave you for the first interview because you were set-up ,you were not aware that you were set-up by journalists to make news for them , I don’t have any problem with you but just do another interview abusing me, I will abuse and beat you, you won’t like it.”Sendi said.

It should be noted that both Sendi and Halima Namakula have been in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Written by Aine Siggy

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