Bebe Cool urges President Museveni not to open up bars

Singer Moses Saali commonly known as Bebe Cool has urged the president of Uganda President Museveni not to dare open up bars.

He made this statement during an interview with NBS Television.

According to Bebe Cool, bars are the biggest means of spreading covid19 disease at the fastest rate and therefore it would be the biggest mistake to open up bars at this time.

“As I celebrate President Museveni’s birthday I would like him not to open up bars like people are requesting him. Bars are the fastest means of spreading covid19 and I think it would be a mistake if he opened up bars.” Bebe Cool said

‘Make a wish’ hit maker said its not because he doesn’t want people to move on with their businesses but he minds a lot about people’s lives and he is not happy to see young children become orphans.

Bebe Cool advised his fans especially to buy alcohol and take it from their homes because its more safe than going to bars.

Written by Aine Siggy

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