Flavia Tumusiime seemingly addresses her husband’s cheating rumors

For almost a week now, Flavia Tumusiime’s husband Andrew Kabuura’s cheating scandal has dominated the news.

A lot of conspiracies have come up accusing the NTV pressbox presenter as a certified woman hunter who chews anything succulent.

Apart from allegedly chewing Mercy Twinomujuni, Kabuura was aslo accused of having chewed former NBS TV presenter Sheila Nduhukire amongst a host of other babes.

However, the couple hasn’t directly come out to address this rumor and have all been turning up to their work stations like always.

For Flavia, people expected her to be broken and some even sent her early sympathies but this doesn’t seem the case.

She’s taken to bolstering her YouTube channel where she usually teaches her followers about life skill lessons.

Flavia yesterday came out to say that for one to survive, they have to be with the art of resilience.

“A good half of the art of living is resilience. I have taken plenty of good lessons from life and it’s teachers. I share some that you might find useful,” Flavia posted on her Instagram page while advertising the video.

In the video, the Capital FM radio presenter said that people should always avoid stressing themselves over the things they can’t control.

These should also avoid basking in the glory of good things for so long and forget that even bad things happen.

“When bad things happen in life, just let them come and go. Don’t become broken and painful and hurt and end up becoming your own problem. And then when the good thing comes, your so vulnerable and don’t want to let it go, just let things pass because good things will continue happening to you,” Flavia said in her video.

Clearly the am-pm show host doesn’t give a damn about what happened.

She clearly knows that that’s just a rotten egg in the thousands of good ones in her husband.

Written by Aine Siggy

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