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Sevo says his daughters almost killed him with roasting their hair

President Museveni yesterday while celebrating his 77th birthday said that his daughters almost killed him with roasting their hair.

The President said that for a long time he had always told his daughters to keep their hair short just as their mothers but they wouldn’t listen.

And since he wants to live up to 100 years, they almost clipped this dream.

“Thank you friends for the warm wishes, the wonderful messages on my birthday. I told Kasaija (Matia) recently that my daughters were going to kill me before I make 100 years if they continued ‘roasting’ their hair. They have now made hair like their mother’s. I am safe,”
Mr Museveni tweeted.

He’s clearly not a fan of women pimping their looks to look beautiful and clearly likes things natural.

He has severally told of how has a distaste for artificial and westernized things even when it comes to food.

Clearly keeping everything close to him natural, Jjaja could live even up to 200 years.

God is in this matter.

Written by Aine Siggy

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