Sheebah issues warning to bullies amidst Flavia-Kabuura infidelity allegations

Songstress Sheebah Karungi has come out to issue a warning to all those bullies that think they can threaten her.

The Nakyuka singer said that the time they could threaten or bully her elapsed long time ago.

Sheebah even reminded them that she has thrived on this negative energy for all the years she’s been on the scene.

This was all after a post she issued sympathizing with Flavia over the cheating allegations of her husband Andrew Kabuura.

Many people criticised Sheebah but she doesn’t seem shaken a bit.

Sheebah in fact said that she will always use her voice to speak up for women if necessary.

“You think I can still allow you to bully me like years ago, You all forgotten that I thrived on doubt and hateful words. You created your own master so now you have to deal with it. I will always still stand for my truth. I will always uplift my fellow women in times of need. I will keep using my voice because I know it might help someone’s daughter or son out there,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Fans and some notable figures advised the queen karma to stop talking about issues of married couples because she has no moral authority.

Written by Aine Siggy

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