Gen Saleh orders for arrest of artists who go to Gulu, Cindy speaks out

Operation Wealth Coordinator Gen Salim Saleh recently issued a stern warning through a letter he wrote to musicians that had made it a habit to flock Gulu to meet him.

The military Gen said that these should be blocked or even arrested.

Many artistes had made the City in the north a hub of theirs hoping to meet the Gen thinking their personal problems would be solved.

Now UMA president Cinderella Sanyu has greatly welcomed the idea saying that the move saying it had previously disrupted the activities of UMA.

Cindy said that this will give UMA the authority it has craved for and wondered what artistes like Ziza Bafana were doing there even after being warned not to go there.

“I support, it because it has destracting our structures at UMA. UMA is a joint body to unite artistes but most of them have been ignoring UMA to rush to Gulu for personal interests. So am happy that Gen Saleh forced them out of Gulu,” Cindy said.

Bafana came out yesterday to criticize UMA for it’s selfishness especially when it comes to chewing the money given to them by the government.

He was among the artistes that were chased from Gulu from meeting the Gen.

Written by Aine Siggy

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