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Reasons why Ugandan men cheat on their wives

It has continued to become a habit that many married Ugandan men cheat on their wives.

The one recent is when a known and inspiration couple of media personalities Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura that almost every Ugandan couple looked at, got disorganized last week when screenshots of Kabuura cheating made rounds on social media.

This brought different people on table to give their opinions on why married men cheat on their wives. Some of them blamed wives while others put the blame on men.

Here are some of the reasons the reasons people gave

• Some men cheat because their wives don’t give them enough time in bed especially these cooperate ones. All their time is for work and making money.
• Some men cheat because it is a habit in them. Every time they look at any woman they immediately think of taking them to bed.
• Some men cheat because there is a lot of stress in their homes. They are always having fights with their wives and they have to cheat to find some peace.
• Some men cheat because they need to be satisfied sexually. it is said that some don’t get enough of sex from their wives.
• Some men cheat because their wives are not that pleasing in bed so they move out to look for better.
• Some men cheat on their wives because they feel they made wrong choices while marrying.
According to Doreen Kabareebe and Amooti these are some of the main reasons to why Ugandan men cheat.

Amooti said only the unfortunate ones are the ones caught but many married men go to lodges with other women on a daily basis just that they are not exposed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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