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We have never been in love – Spice Diana tells Aganaga

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara commonly known as Spice Diana openly told fellow artist Khalifah Aganaga that she has never been in love with him.

Spice Diana made this statement while with Aganaga on an interview with NBS Television.

Aganaga is always on social media threatening men who think of falling in love with Spice Diana to stop it because he has already taken her on and soon will hold a very big introduction and wedding party.

Spice Diana the chance she had with Khalifah Aganaga on NBS Television to clear the air and tell her fans that there is nothing between her and Khalifah Aganaga. Spice Diana said Aganaga is always joking, they should not take it seriously.

“We have never been in love Khalifah Aganga. You should stop confusing my fans because you have never come to me asking for love I only see it on social media. Let me clear the air, there is nothing going on between me and Aganaga.” Spice Diana said.

Spice Diana said she is focusing on her music and relationship things will come later in the right time.

Aganaga is not the only artist to come out and claim he is in love with Spice Diana, singer A Pass also at one time came out and said Spice Diana is her girlfriend.

Written by Aine Siggy

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