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Full Figure brands Ugandan artists devils

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi commonly known as Full Figure has come out and branded Ugandan artists devils.

She made this statement during an interview with STV following the ban of artists from going to Gulu by Gen Salim Saleh.

According to Full Figure, Gen Salim Saleh thought he is going to help all artists and the entertainment industry at large but it us so unfortunate that whoever went their was looking for personal benefits.

Full Figure went ahead and said devils can never win and that’s why Ugandan artists will never be successful because they are very devilish and greedy at the same time.

“Ugandan artists are devils. How can you get a chance to meet Gen Salim Saleh and you fail to develop? This clearly showed us who they are and it means they will stay in one level and will forever remain beggars. I am happy that Gen Saleh banned them from going back to Gulu.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure advised artists to go and sell maize on streets and do other small businesses to make sure they survive like any other Ugandan because they are not very special like they think.

Outspoken Full Figure said she is happy that bars and concerts are still closed because now artists know they are also ordinary people which was not their years ago.

Written by Aine Siggy

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