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Senga Ssebanga and Sheikh Umar re-unite

Comedian Senga Ssebanga has re-united with his long time friend who had turned into an enemy.

The enemty between the two rose from the fake promises Sheikh Umar made saying he is going to build for Senga Ssebanga a very big nice in 2019 during a certain concert.

Since then Ssenga Ssebanga started going to the media saying he hates Sheikh Umar and will never forgive him because of promising him what he couldn’t full fill yet there were other people who could probably contribute for him.

However, with the help of Mariachi, the two re-united and forgave each other Sheikh Umar saying he is going to try and full fill the promise he made to Senga Ssebanga.

“I have forgiven my son Senga Ssebanga for the words he has speaking about me in the media and I also request him to forgive me for not full filling my promise but am sure everything is going to be fine.” Sheikh Umar said.

“I am happy that I have re-united with Sheikh Umar though I have been bitter with for not full filling his promises and I ask him to forgive me for the words I have been saying about him in the media.” Senga Ssebanga said.

The two have not been seeing each other since 2019 but they promised the world that they are now back together and no more fights like those that have been happening.

Written by Aine Siggy

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