Douglas Lwanga’s wife lashes out critics

It seems like NBS After 5 presenter Douglas Lwanga’s wife Lindah Lisa has really had enough of the internet trolls who always accuse her of being older than her husband amongst other accusations.

She took to her Facebook page to address them saying that she’s strong and no insult can ever get to her head.

Lindah said that she has always read the insults of how she’s told she’s old, an albino and bleacher.

She however told the critics that for their own info ‘Daga” is older than her and they should argue with their keyboards.

“FYI Bambi, he’s older than me if you must know (and y’all can argue with your keyboards). Trust me when I say we both comfortable with and embraced all our imperfections,” she partly wrote.

She also said that just when they had gotten to know them, they were saying she’s too good for him but now the ball has changed.

Lindah further said that they have spent 10 years together and even share two handsome boys together.

She also said that nothing said will ever break their bond.

For those saying that she ties herself on Douglas, she told them you can’t force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you adding that men settle where they find love, care, peace and respect.

She added that it takes more than just good sex to keep a man and added that she’s glad she snatched him as these trolls always accuse her.

It should be noted that Lindah and Douglas got married after Douglas divorced his first wife.

She told these trolls to keep shouting more and insulting her because their insults haven’t shaken them a bit for the past 10 years.

Written by Aine Siggy

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