Me and Bebe Cool did not have sex -Bad Black

City faded socialite and thigh vendor has come out to address her sex altercation claims with singer Bebe Cool.

It should be noted that Bad Black came out two years back to reveal how the singer’s cassava is equivalent to Lwasa’s.

This was after the Gagamel boss had used Bad Black as an example of failure to a group of students in a seminar.

Bad Black came out to reveal that her and Bebe got entangled after he had been gunned down.

She then said that the wire wire singer couldn’t rise to the occasion because his system had been damaged by the bullets.

While appearing in a local YouTube interview, the thigh vendor said she didn’t have sex with Bebe Cool but only romanced.

“We did not have sex with Bebe Cool, we only romanced, we felt each other for a couple of hours. I tried to do a follow-up for a month but he had already moved on,” Bad Black revealed.

Her statement is one that has gone on to haunt Bebe Cool as his critics always throw it at him.

The singer however paid a deaf ear to Bad Black and this surely died out too.

Written by Aine Siggy

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