Bobi Wine speaks about Chameleone’s car

NUP leader Bobi Wine yesterday while in an interview with Spark TV addressed fellow legendary singer Chameleone’s recent actions of returning back to NRM.

The Leone Island boss over the weekend was gifted a range Rover by Toyota President Museveni’s brother.

Chameleone there and then said that he has never left NRM and officially returned to the party he was fighting to see out of office in the past elections.

Bobi Wine said that Chameleone knew clearly from the start that the struggle wasn’t a personal project of his but rather for

The Kabaseke singer then said that everyone has the right to decide what they want but their actions will always render them to judgement.

Bobi Wine also said that if Chameleone thought that his dignity and self worth was equivalent to a car, then so be it.

“Even when I was introducing Chameleone to the public and speaking with him, I clearly told him it’s not a Kyagulanyi project but for Ugandans and he agreed to fight along. Well you can’t decide for everyone but they say we shall be judged from our actions. What Chameleone did requires us to look beyond finances but at the self worth and dignity too. It’s up to you to say that your not worth money or cars,” Bobi Wine said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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