Again, Fortebet did one of the things it does best; rewarding its clients with amazing gifts.  This time, Fortebet team, led by the company Brand Ambassador, Alex Muhangi and the media manager, John Nanyumba decided to colour some areas of Mukono, Namayiba and Katosi with lots of the usual freebies like smart phones, jerseys, T-shirts, and caps among others.  Most of all however, Fortebet reached upto Lave Victoria lake shore and donated to Katosi fishermen life jackets worth millions of shillings.  Shortly after the jackets’ handover, Muhangi told the recipients that, “You very well know how slim the chances of survival are the moment you go to the waters, especially when the lake runs riot. The best thing to therefore do is to take caution and this is what Fortebet is helping you with today. Please, wear a jacket each time you are entering the waters.”  In total, over 500 people received Fortebet gifts.

Written by Aine Siggy

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