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Post secondary Institutions to re-open in November other schools referred to 2022

Today 22nd September 2021 President of Uganda has addressed the nation about covid19.

This happened 60 days after he opened up few sectors from the second wave of lockdown.

According to his speech, post secondary institutions like universities and other higher institutions to re-open with effect from 1st November 2021 following strict covid19 guidelines.

This came few months after they were closed due to the second wave of covid19.

“Post-Secondary institutions of learning to open with effect from 1st November 2021 on condition that; all teachers and non-teaching staff are vaccinated
The 330,000 students aged 18 years and above in post-secondary institutions should be vaccinated as soon as possible
The rest of the learning institutions will open in January 2022.”

President Museveni said the reasons to why other schools will re-open in 2022 is because they are under the age of 18 years and therefore they are not vaccinated. Schools will be able to re-open after children teachers and no teaching stuff are all vaccinated.

He urged all those above the age of 18 to go and vaccinate so that they are safe from covid19.

Written by Aine Siggy

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