Am I harvested yet or not? Do you belong to God or Satan

*Just one question*   I ask you just one question regarding what Jesus spoke of in the prophecies of the four gospels. It is regarding Matthew 13. God’s seed and the devil’s seed were sown in Jesus‘ field (the church), and they both grew together until the time of the harvest; however, no one knew the actual entities of these two kinds of seed. At the time of the harvest, which is the end of the age, the angels went to Jesus‘ field, where the two kinds of seeds were sown, and harvested and took only those born of God’s seed.   Then, who are those that did not get harvested or taken, and whose seed were they born from? Whose sons are they? At the time of the harvest, between those who were harvested and taken and those who were not harvested or taken, who will receive salvation? When the work of harvesting, the work of sealing, and the work of creating the 12 tribes take place according to these words of promise, will you see, hear, and believe? Is living our lives of faith according to the Bible a cult? Is living our lives of faith arbitrarily outside the Bible orthodox?   In Rv 14:1-4, it is written that the 144,000 of the 12 tribes at Mt. Zion, where God‘s throne is, are the firstfruits; they are the harvested ripened wheats of verses 14-16. Regarding the question [I asked], who are the actual entities of (those who were [born of]) the two kinds of seed? And what is the end result for each one? I would like [to hear] your answer to [my] question.  Much more in our classes on whatsapp ?

Written by Aine Siggy

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