Fik Fameica in sex tape scare

If there is anything Ugandans are so good at these days, it is recording their private moments and worse of all the failure to keep them private.

Over the last few days and months, social media users have been treated to a number of sex tapes.

The latest that might be making it to your screen could be rapper Fik Fameica’s.

This was after a pic of a man closely resembling Fik Fameica made it’s way to the internet.

The picture was taken from a Snapchat account identified as Ghost alias Hyna256.

The pic is only a screenshot of a video that seems to suggest the figures in it were about to have a steamy sexual moment or even were done.

It’s not yet clear whether it’s the lock singer as he hasn’t yet come out to address it.

It should be recalled that singer John Blaq was involved in the same fracas a few months ago after a one Visa Vibes impersonated him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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