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Jose Chameleon is a disappointment to Buganda Kingdom – Tamale Mirundi

Political analyst and activist Tamale Mirundi has said that singer Joseph Mayamja commonly known as Jose Chameleon is a disappointment to Buganda Kingdom.

He said this during an interview with Kasuku live.

This came following the recent saga that happened over the weekend when Jose Chameleon knelt for a fellow man after gifting him with a new range rover and on top of that telling the world that he has never left NRM.

According to Tamale Mirundi, poverty is the only problem disturbing Chameleon and kneeling for a fellow man showed that Buganda is slowly failing as a kingdom.

“Jose Chameleon undressed himself for kneeling a fellow man and that clearly showed that he is a disappointment to Buganda Kingdom. As a muganda man I didn’t expect him to do what he did and for saying he has never left NRM is a lie. Its poverty disturbing him.” Tamale Mirundi said.

Tamale Mirundi said the entertainment industry will not resurrect any soon if its superstars are still acting the way Jose Chameleon is acting.

Written by Aine Siggy

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