Chameleone has always sang about himself in his songs – Isma Olaxees

Despite being a close friend of the Mayanja’s and an NRM supporter, it seems like blogger Isma Olaxees is not about to let Chameleone off the hook for his recent actions of kneeling for a car and denouncing NUP back to NRM.

Isma said tht he doesn’t know why people are so surprised by his actions because he’s always sang about himself through his music.

“Jose Chameleone has always talked about himself through his songs.
Songs like “Befuula”, “Bayuda”, “Nekolera Maali” among others,” Isma said while appearing on Sanyuka TV.

Isma again earlier this week came out to reveal that Chameleone was a political failure and he had further lost even the little credibility he add on him.

The blogger then advised Chameleone to concentrate on his music career and forget about politics because he had committed suicide by changing colors a thing that is not done in politics.

The Valu valu singer however continues to enjoy his new ride as the haters continue to bad mouth him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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