Jamie Culture clashes with Black Market records

Singer Jamie Culture has become the latest to clash with Nigerian label Black Market records accusing them of exploiting him.

The singer who is allegedly undergoing a mental breakdown almost exchanged blows with officials from the label.

This was after together with UMA they had gone to take the singer from his current mess.

The singer was reported to be mentally ill by his landlady who added that she needs her house which he’s taken close to 2 years without paying for rent.

However on seeing, the Black market records team, the Sabaliza singer became so furious and ordered them to leave immediately.

The singer said that these are parasites who have continued to suck him as he suffers.

“I don’t want to see those guys of Black Market Records here. They have continued to sell and profit off my music as I suffer here of hunger and brokeness,” the singer said.

He joined a long list of artistes such as Bruno K, Nina Roz, Rabadaba, Faymous who have all come out in the recent past to accuse the label of doing dirty business to them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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