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Stop ashaming Jamie Culture – Bruno K tells media

Singer Bruno Kigundu commonly known as Bruno K has told media to stop ashaming fellow singer Jamie Culture.

He said this during an on online video.

This came after Jamie Culture was reportedly said to have gone insane by different media houses.

According to Bruno K, Jamie Culture is not insane but just has different personal problems that are not supposed to be shared to the media. Bruno K said media personalities should have the humanity in them and know that Jamie needs a lit bit of privacy as other people.

“I am here very disappointed in media. Please stop ashaming Jamie Culture he is also human like others. I know he is not really okay but at the same time he is not insane. He has problems like other people do.” Bruno K said.

Jamie Culture is one of the talented people we have in Uganda and Bruno K called upon people in the entertainment industry to come out and help him so that he can get better.

It should be noted that Jamie Culture’s family came out and said their son is not insane but is having family problems that can easily be solved.

Written by Aine Siggy

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