Abryanz promises bonkmate Judith Heard to love her forever

Well fashion mogul Brian Ahumuza popularly known as Abryanz could have just confirmed the rumors that he chews model Judith Heard.

The pair has on several occasions been spotted in the company of one another.

Besides Nalongo Judith also models Abryanz clothes which makes the pair spend time more frequently.

This week Judith Heard claimed how she had lost her Twitter account to a hacker.

She came out to apologise to the public since the hacker had gone ahead to release her nudes which is happening for the second time.

Social media users were left wondering if Judith’s Twitter acts as her gallery storage.

The hacker proceeded to announce how they were going to release the models sex tapes with several men including Abryanz.

This saw the fashion star take to Judith’s post apologizing to the public for the leaks that he will love her forever.

“Love you forever,” Abryanz commented.

Maybe the comment could signal that indeed that the two mingle each other or it was just a friendly comforting gesture.

Most social media users are however accusing the model for leaking her own nudes because she was slowly fading.

Written by Aine Siggy

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