Chameleone bought his Range Rover, kneeling down was a stunt

Comedian Messe Bontwe formerly of Amarula family while appearing on Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM revealed that Chameleone’s recent Range Rover fracas is a stunt.

Messe who appears to be a close friend of Chameleone said that this was just a stunt to pull attention but the singer actually bought the car himself.

The comedian further added that Chameleone received 700 million shillings from the NRM and paid 300 million shillings for the car.

He added that the remaining 400 million is being used by the singer to renovate his house in Akright estate as he wants to shift from Seguku.

“Chameleone never received that car for free. He only received 700 million shillings from the NRM and he then paid Ugx 300M for the car. He’s now using the 400M to finish constructing his mansion in Akright estate. It will be valued around 1.2 billion shillings once it’s done,” Messe added.

Messe said that this money was the remaining money he owned NRM.

He then said that Chameleone used this as a stunt to shun away the many people who demand him.

Messe however said that he wasn’t in support of Chameleone kneeling.

Written by Aine Siggy

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