Bebe Cool reveals how Zuena refused to give him money

Money and women are just like twins born of the same mother and father.

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool recently came out to reveal how his wife Zuena Kirema left him starving after declining to send him money.

The Gagamel boss revealed that he went to attend the late BMK’s funeral on an empty stomach.

However to his shock, when he phoned his wife to send him 80k, she said she did not have it.

“The day we buried BMK, I left the burial grounds so hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. We found a place but I didn’t have any coin on me. I therefore called Zuena to send me Shs80,000 for four people but surprisingly, she told me she doesn’t have money,” the singer said while attending the late DJ Emma’s wedding.

The singer however said that after much persuasion, she was able to send it.

Imagine Zuena with all the love and gifts Bebe Cool showers her but she hesitates to send 80k, bro “put your money where you can see.”

Women and money are just inseparable and this doesn’t need even a scientist to prove it.

Written by Aine Siggy

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