Irene Ntale married off, leaves fans wondering

Irene Ntale over the weekend left he fans in whispers and confused whether she had been married off.

This was after posting photos of herself clad in traditional wear famed for Introduction ceremonies.

The singer posted photos saying she wants to be like water slipping through the fingers but able to hold up a ship.

This just confused her followers the more with some thinking she was speaking in parables to stop them from asking much.

These days celebrities have become accustomed to carrying out private functions without any one knowing.

The Gyobeera singer recently came out to reveal how finally someone had found her heart.

It’s not clear whether the function was hers or if she had attended as a performing guest.

This even saw her friend Leila Kayondo tell her to give her the good news.

But whatever it is, we shall keep you informed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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