Winnie Nwagi shows off her assets, fans attack her fallen boobs

Ugandan fans are fantastic when it comes to clashing with their celebrities, let’s say they body sham.

Little did they know that they would have a celebrity like a Winfred Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi who is like them.

The Musawo singer doesn’t give a damn despite the internet trolls and she always goes head to head with them.

And neither is she afraid to show off her sexy curvaceous body that has got her clashing with fans for some time now.

The singer took to her social media handles to post some sexy pics of hers exposing her fallen boobies.

This was noticed by fans and they started taunting her there and then.

Fans started there and then attacking her chest veteran soldiers that have fought countless world war and regional battles.

“Ebibeere,” a fan went at her there and then.

“The nipples!!!
It’s a Sunday, Winnie
Why do you wanna kill us?!” One fan seemed smitten despite what others were saying.

“Fire baby amabeere gakulinga amaliba gempuuta,” a fan decided to unleash violence on the singer.

“Which baby with those seat belts of breasts,”

“The fallen ones.”

“What happened to your breasts,” a male fans questioned.

The self styled fire baby however seems to care less as she continues to enjoy her life to the fullest.

Written by Aine Siggy

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