I’m so happy I kissed Pastor Mbonye’s feet – Joseph Kabuleeta

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleeta has come out to say that he doesn’t regret kissing Pastor Elvis Mbonye’s feet.

Kabuleeta said that he’s glad that he did it and even annoyed the haters.

He wondered where people find the problem since the lips he used to kiss Mbonye’s feet weren’t theirs.

Kabuleeta said that it’s only his wife who has the right to talk about his lips since she’s the other person he kisses.

“I don’t regret kissing Pastor Mbonye’s feet. I did it and many people got annoyed and when they get annoyed, I got happy. Why would they mind yet the lips are mine. It’s only my wife who has the right to criticize me,” Kabuleeta said.

He was questioned how it feels being Mbonye’s handbag/personal assistant.

Kabuleeta said that he doesn’t know what that means and the basis people use to say that.

He also talked about the use of masks in preventing COVID 19.

Kabuleeta said that he will never wear masks because he doesn’t believe that they have any role in preventing the disease.

He further said that at Pastor Mbonye’s church they are still closed because their flock is more than 200 the number delegated to churches by President Museveni.

Written by Aine Siggy

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