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MC Kats not happy with Geosteady’s ex Prima Kardashi

NBS’ Katamba Edwin commonly known as MC Kats has said he is not happy with Geosteady’s ex girlfriend Prima Kardashi.

He said this following the video that made rounds on social media platforms of Prima Kardashi and Fille saying he was not important in his relationship and it was right for Fille to leave him.

According to MC Kats, Prima Kardashi wouldn’t have said all this because he helped her in all ways with money in her businesses and marketing knowledge.

“I dint expect Geosteady’s ex Prima Kardashi to say what he said to Fille that she was right to leave. She forgot how I helped her in her businesses both in money and marketing skills.” MC Kats said

MC Kats said if Prima Kardashi fell out with Geosteady for their own reasons, she doesn’t have a guarantee to talk about other people’s relationships because they need privacy.

It should be noted Prima and Geosteady fell out at the beginning of this year 2021 and the two don’t talk to one another.

Written by Aine Siggy

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