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Daddy Andre’s alleged girlfriend attacks Nina Roz over drugs

Singer, song writer and producer Daddy Andre’s alleged girlfriend Shakira Shakira a fellow singer has attacked Andre’s ex Nina Roz over her drug addiction.

She did so during an interview with BBS Television.

According to Shakira Shakira, it is obvious that Nina Roz is addicted to drugs although she came out and declared that she had over came them at the beginning of this year 2021. She said Nina Roz needs help and she should not lie the world that she is okay.

“It is obvious Nina Roz is addicted to drugs although she denies it. She should not lie the world that she over came them I am sure she is struggling and needs help from us.” Shakira Shakira said.

Shakira Shakira also told Nina Roz to return the Youtube channel to Black Market Records because they invested in her and she decided to run away with their investments.

Songstress Shakira said she is not speaking as Andre’s girlfriend because the two have never been in love, they are only friend and good working business partners like other people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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