Irene Ntale reveals her most embarrassing moment

The talented vocalist, guitarist and singer Irene Ntale took to a hilarious Q&A Twitter session and gave some hilarious answers to the questions posed to her.

A fan asked the former Swangz Avenue her most embarrassing moment ever on stage and she said she once fell during a performance and worst of all it was recorded.

“What was that worst experience you’ve had during a performance?” One fan asked and the singer replied that “I fell down on stage and it was documented .”

Ntale who has been musically silent for almost a year and a half also promised her fans new music.

Another fan credited Ntale for always keeping calm even when they attack that she bleached.

“I like it that you don’t catch feeling even when we talk about your bleached and gonja fingers
Ekyo kirungi mwanyinaze ntale,” to which she replied “I’m comfortable with who i am. Other people’s insecurities really don’t bother me,”

Questioned if she thinks there is a perfect man, Ntale said there is nothing as that although there is a bare minimum.

She however cited that her wedding is soon after one fan implored.

The singer was also questioned about her favorite Swangz musician to which replied that she likes all the three of them.

She however revealed that she can never rejoin the label because it’s poisonous as a snake bites.

Written by Aine Siggy

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