NBS issues statement over it’s presenters jailed by OS Ssuuna

Kamwokya based Next Media Services has come out to issue a statement in regards to their three presenters who were arrested on the orders of singer Omulangira Ssuuna.

The media station said that it had tried to get bail for the trio but had failed after the judge cited time constraints.

Consequently, the three had to spend the night in the coolers and it’s not known how long they will be in Kitalya but it might be more since the it’s a weekend and the courts tend to be closed.

“Resultantly, the three have been denied their rights to apply for bail over a matter arising from remarks on Sanyuka TV’s daily ‘Morning Xpress’ TV show founded on Omulangira Ssuuna’s own declarations and expressions. We are certain that justice will prevail at the end of it all and the justification will stand,” a statement issued by the Next Media Services’ Head of Brand and Communications Derekford Mugumisa read.

The TV station also added that they are using all the steps necessary to see that their workers are released.

However majority social media users are siding with OS saying that these gossip presenters at times go way overboard.

Written by Aine Siggy

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