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Uganda’s top 5 urban legendary artistes of all time

Uganda is a land blessed with immense talent in different fields.

When it comes to the mic, Uganda is arguably among the top five best African countries musically.

However there are artistes who we feel urbanized Ugandan music and will always be legends.

Let’s take a look at them from number 5 to number one.

  1. Juliana Kanyomozi

Arguably Uganda’s best female musician of all times.

Her influence is immense and most of the young crop of female musicians give her name as in inspiration.

Juliana’s influence was not only in Uganda but surpassed even beyond the East African borders.

She started her career as Karaoke singer in the late 90’s alongside Iryn Namubiru another icon.

Juliana is one of the most successful musicians in the country with loads of hit singles and awards under her belt.

Currently musically inactive but still a name that won’t fade away soon.

  1. Radio and Weasel

They might have become a menace with banger after banger in the later years but their influence can’t be questioned.

At a time when Ugandan showbiz was dominated by the “BBC” , Radio and Weasel managed to sneak themselves through and give them a run for their money.

Thy had been around the music industry as far as 2004 in Leone Island and therefore knew all the antics of how to make it big in showbiz.

They identified Bebe Cool and Chameleone as their ladder to power and Bobi Wine as their ally which perfectly worked for them.

Most of the current artistes have the group as their role models.

First Ugandan artiste(s) to be nominated for the prestigious BET, their achievements go on.

There wasn’t a song I can recall the duo outed that wasn’t so good.

However after the untimely demise of Radio, the group lost track but they are legendary.

  1. Bobi Wine

The ghetto gladiator seems to have the favor of God because whatever he does and wherever he goes, he becomes legendary.

He’s proved it in politics as he had already done in music.

A part of the group that revolutionized the Ugandan music industry with their attention craving antics, Bobi Wine is a name that can’t be tore out of the Ugandan music industry in many years to come.

He however kept himself branded as a ghetto affiliate despite the success and wealth.

This in turn has benefited his political career immensely.

Every artiste who sprouts out of the Ghetto has the former presidential candidate as their role model which is clearly understandable.

  1. Bebe Cool

The intercooler turbo Big size Bebe Cool is the king of showbiz in Ugandan music.

Starting his career under Ogopa DJs, Bebe Cool would later return to Uganda to have a shot at home which eventually paid off.

After about two decades on the game, he’s achieved legendary status with countless awards and hits to his name.

Lots of controversies around his name which are obviously necessary in the showbiz industry, Bebe has inspired a number of singers and made his mark felt.

  1. Dr Jose Chameleone

The Leone Island boss completes the list. There hasn’t arguably been an artiste in the urban genres as influential musically as Chameleone.

Probably the one who popularized Ugandan music industry abroad, Chameleone is a legend no doubt.

Call him the king of stunts, but these stunts have benefited the industry massively and given him success.

Awards, countless hits and wealth, ladies and gentlemen, Jose Chameleone is the GOAT of Ugandan music.

Special mentions

Gnl Zamba
Iryn Namubiru
Eddy Kenzo
Michael Ross
Benon and Vamposs

Written by Aine Siggy

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