Nudes alert: NTV producer Ann Nixon bares it all for the camera

As the President was addressing the security state in the country yesterday, someone was busy breaking the security protocols of the internet with nudes.

This was none other than NTV’s Da Beat producer Ann Nixon who had her nudes littered allover the internet presumably from a marathon of bedminton sessions.

Ann is seen all looking exhausted and passed out and it’s thought she was either drunk or had been “gunned” down without mercy.

She first had a stint with NTV as Login presenter but was fired after 4 years in 2016.

Ann was fired in gross mis conduct charges alongside fellow employee Kevin Kaija.

Rumor later had it that the two were caught red-handed enjoying each other’s lesbian style in the workstation’s washrooms.

She was later recruited after pleading and promoted to the role of producer.

For now it’s not yet known who leaked the photos and why they did this.

We shall keep you posted.

Written by Aine Siggy

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