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Zahara Toto attacks OS Suna over the arrest of Kayz

NBS television presenter Zahara Toto has attacked singer OS Suna over the arrest of her co-workers Kayz, Wakko and Marko.

She did so few hours after the three were remanded to Kitalya Prisons for two weeks.

According to Zahara Toto, OS Suna is ignorant and his supporters who don’t know how the game is played in the entertainment industry.

“it’s surprising a bunch of ignorant people here on social media do not know how the game is played both in media and entertainment so they assume TVs are all about bringing these artists down.” Zahara Toto said.

Zahara said only faded artists like OS Suna are the ones who do such things like arresting media personalities so that they stay relevant in the industry.

“In media there stunts , games for ignorant people to fall for all in the name of promoting their music . But when a faded artist artist with no new music wants media attention comes out to claim how they spoke about a house that’s not even his fights to see that these Young bloods end up in prison just so to satisfy his weak ego it makes me sad and disgusted . “

Zahara Toto went ahead and said OS Suna’s music will never be played on next media services platforms.

Written by Aine Siggy

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