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Bruno K’s war against Black Market Records takes a new twist

Singer Bruno Kigundu known by his stage Bruno K’s case against Black Market Records has taken a new twist.

Bruno K claims that Black Market Records robbed his music and took all the copy rights that he had not agreed with them in the contract he signed back in the year 2020.

Despite Bruno K claims, Black Market Records has hit back at him saying they didn’t do anything wrong because Bruno K signed a contract but the problem is that he didn’t understand the contract he signed.

Outspoken Bruno K said he has taken the matter to courts of law and he is now waiting to face them and beat them right, left and center because he has all the evidence needed.

“I have taken Black Market Records to courts of law. I have all the evidence needed and I am now waiting to face them and win them in every angle left, right and center.” Bruno K said.

‘Omuwala’ hit maker said he will not stop calling Black Market Records thieves because they clearly stole from him all his songs that he completely funded himself.

It should be noted that Black Market Records has tried serving Bruno K for defarmation but unfortunately they did it on a weekend which is illegal.

Written by Aine Siggy

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