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You are not the first person to be talked about –Promoter Balaam tells OS Suna

Events promoter Balaam Barugahala has advised OS Suna to drop charges againd Next Media Services because he is not the first person to be talked about on a national television.

He said this during an entertainment talk show on NBS Television.

This came after OS Suna led to the arrest of Kayz, Marko and Wakko Sanyuka Television presenters saying they spoke false things about him and his family and brand at all.

According to Balaam, its not new to talk about OS Suna because he is not the richest or famous person on earth. He said Suna should know that artists are talked about because that is what build them in their career.

“My brother OS Suna drop the charges against your young brothers. Your not the first person to be talked about neither are you the last person. You should these are the people that build you as an artists and you should learn how to forgive.” Balaam said.

OS Suna said he has no problem with forgiving Kayz and his fellows if they ask for forgiveness and put sown everything they spoke about him for some time.

Balaam said on behalf of Promoters, OS Suna should show a good heart because in this world everyone needs the other.

Written by Aine Siggy

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