Bruno K says Cindy is unfit for UMA presidency

The talented singer Bruno K has come out to lash at Uganda Musicians Association president Cinderella Sanyu for refusing to help him amidst his battle with Black Market Records.

It should be noted that the Faridah singer is in a battle with the music label over a contract signed between the two parties.

Bruno wanted to exit it but the label has continued to torture him over owning all his copyrights.

The singer who subscribes to UMA expected the umbrella to come out and help him.

However in a number of interviews, Cindy has reiterated how UMA has no power to assist an artist that fully signed a contract with any music label.

She said that all UMA can do is dialogue between the aggrieved parties and if they fail to come to a conclusion, UMA opts out.

While appearing in an interview, Bruno expressed his frustration at the Boom party singer for failure to help him.

“Does Cindy think I am stupid? I am learned. I am sure she made the statements without reading the contract. She must do better as a president of the musicians. I’m glad that other leaders of the association have helped me. Cindy hasn’t,” a seemingly furious Bruno K said.

It’s however not only Bruno K embroiled in a dispute with the label.

Other musicians such as Nina Roz ,Raba Daba, Jamie Culture, Faymous and even events promoter Abitex have at one time clashed with the label.

Written by Aine Siggy

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