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Different artists disappointed in OS Suna over the arrest of Kayz

Different Ugandan artists have showed their disappointment in their own Omulangila Suna over the arrest of NBS Television journalists Kayz, Makko and Wakko.

These artists include Chris Evanz, Lil Pazzo, and many others.

According to some artists, OS Suna should not have gone far with Kayz and his fellows to the extent of reaching Kitalya prisons even if they said wrong things about him.

“At first I thought OS Suna was joking. I was disappointed in hm when he took journalists Kayz, Waako and Makko to Kitalya prison. These guys have done more good things for him and in the art industry at large than the single bad they did to him.” Chris Evans said.

And for Lil Pazzzo, he said OS Suna should forgive these journalists because we are all human and we all do mistakes that should be forgiven so that life moves on very smoothly.

However, OS Suna said he is not going to forgive Kayz and his fellows if they don’t ask apologize publically and put down what they said about him on their social media platforms.

It should be noted Kayz, Waako and Makko were arrested on Friday and remanded to Kitalya up to 15th October 2021.

Written by Aine Siggy

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