Eddie Sendi calls for the boycott of singer OS

Music analyst Eddie Sendi has called upon media houses to boycott singer Omulangira Ssuuna’s music.

This was after Ssuuna got NBS TV presenters Kayz, Wako and Mako jailed for allegedly spreading defamatory statements against him.

Sendi while appearing on the Talk and Talk show said that media houses should stop playing all Ssuuna’s music and let him die in his own movie.

“I hereby call upon all media houses radio TV, websites to boycott Ssunna’s music. There was no substantial reason for him to have those boys arrested. All he had to do was present the evidence that the house and trees are his period. Anyone who takes you to jail only wishes you death. These media houses should stand together in solidarity,” Sendi said.

However his co-hosts told him that this wasn’t possible because most Ugandan media personalities don’t stand in solidarity.

Kasuku said that if only they could join in solidarity but most of them can’t because of selfish reasons.

Written by Aine Siggy

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