Pictorial: Nubian Li introduced by fiancee

It was a happy day on the 3rd of October 2021 as Firebase singer Nubian Li got introduced by his baby mama Mutoni Salha.

Nubian Li who was in the company of some big names such as Bobi Wine, Joel Ssenyonyi, Barbie Kyagulanyi thanked his wife’s family for having him as their in-law.

“A big thanks to the late Frank Baganizi’s family for having me as their son and all those who helped to make it possible,” he posted oh his Facebook page.

Salha and Nubian Li have been together for quite some years and share three kids together, two girls and one boy.

Nubian Li met Salha after breaking up with his ex girlfriend Daphne who almost cost him an eye during a bar brawl in 2008 at Ange Noir.

Meanwhile Mutoni earlier this year converted to Islam taking up the name Salha and said this was the only step to make things official in their relationship.

She even got a tattoo of the singer on her back while he was in prison as a confirmation of her love towards him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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