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Teach your daughters how to cook in marriage – Pastor Bugingo to parents

Pastor Bugingo Aloysious has advised parents to teach their daughters how to cook in marriage as a way of preparing them for a bright future.

He said this following his failed marriage with the mother if his children Teddy Bugingo, who he said never used to prepare for him good food and that’s one of the reasons he chucked him.

According to Bugingo, parents of these days are preparing their daughters to sleep with men as if men have lacked women to sleep with. He said sex is not very important in marriage.

“Do your daughters know how to cook or your just preparing them to sleep with men when they get married as if men lacked women to sleep with? Sex is not something important in marriage and it’s something important in marriage and its not one of the pillars that builds marriage. Its contributes just 5%.”

Pastor Bugingo said a woman who cooks good food will always win a man’s heart but a woman who gives good sex wins a man’s two hour energy

Written by Aine Siggy

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