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Free Kayz and Isma Olaxess – Jose Chameleon tells OS Suna

Legendary artist Jose Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon has asked OS Suna to free journalists Kayz ,Isma Olaxess and their fellows he arrested over the weekend.

He said this through his Facebook account.

According to Jose Chameleon, he doesn’t see any reason to why OS Suna went this far because every human being makes a mistake and they need to be forgiven.

“Afande OS! I cant define or explain why you have gone this far! Please borrow me your legal people for one B..jjo. Just free Jajja Iculi, Kayz and no body else.” Jose Chameleon said

Jose Chameleon has added his voice to a few celebrities that have requested OS Suna to forgive these journalists he claims to have spoken ill words about him, his family and brand.

It should be noted that OS Suna came out and said he is not going to forgive Kayz and his fellow journalists unless they apologize to him publically and put down all the videos they put on social media speaking about him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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