Karole Kasita explains why she will never get married

Local dancehall singer Karole Kasita has come out to explain why she will never get married.

The singer said that men can shock and embarrass you unexpectedly.

She would rather therefore have a private relationship that the public doesn’t know about.

In case of any disappointment she does not have to go through the shame of being dumped.

“I don’t really like weddings or kwanjula. There is a lot of embarrassment you suffer when the man leaves. I would rather have my man in private. What matters is the love we have for each other,” Karole Kasita said.

The singer doesn’t seem a fan of walking down the aisle despite being in a romantic relationship.

She says that she experienced a terrible heartbreak while still at campus after being dumped by her boyfriend.

Simply one can say she developed “men-o-phobia.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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