I won’t support lesbianism – Pastor Ssempa on Zari’s endorsed Pampers

Makerere community Church pastor Martin Ssempa has vowed to stop buying Pampers belonging to Tanzanian company Kedz the makers of Soft Care diapers.

This was after a photo of Zari kissing another woman appeared on social media.

This was taken during the socialite’s birthday party in South Africa a few days ago.

And according to Pastor Ssempa, this is an attack on the East African culture.

He therefore vowed to stop buying the diapers of this company doesn’t revoke Zari’s endorsement deal with them.

The pastor is renowned for his criticism of same sex marriages.

He adds that this is ‘unAfrican’ and should be fought so hard as the Western world wants to impose it on the African culture.

This has seen the pastor clash with a number of groups which claim he’s homophobic something he doesn’t seem to care about as long as he fights for what believes is right.

Written by Aine Siggy

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